Beware Predicto! is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 54 of Sonic the Comic.



Using all their knowledge of Sonic and his friends, Dr Robotnik and Grimer have created Predicto, a super Trooper capable of predicting every move the heroes will make. Working out that Sonic is currently in the Mushroom Valley area of the Floating Island, Predicto sets forth to wipe the heroes out, anticipating a 100% success rate. The heroes have come to the area to try and recruit Knuckles into the Freedom Fighters' ranks, but soon come face to face with Predicto. He successfully predicts all the Freedom Fighters' moves, one after the other, and even causes Sonic to run headlong into a tree, casually stepping aside. Before he can crush Sonic with a rock, he quickly works out that Knuckles would attack from below, pulls the echidna out of the ground and flings him aside, killing Sonic at the forefront of his mind. To Predicto's horror however, Sonic surrenders there and then. Such a move is not registered in Predicto's profile of Sonic, and his system rapidly overloads, blowing the Trooper into smithereens. After reassuring Tails that he would never really give up, Sonic leads the team away, after being ordered off the island by an enraged Knuckles.


  • The concept of a Super Trooper would be revisited a mere nine issues later with the introduction of Commander Brutus, though Brutus proved to be far more successful in battle against Sonic.


This story was reprinted in Issue 168.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Disaster!. The next story was The Great Escape!.

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