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A soldier bee, art by Roberto Corona and Steve White.

Bees are small creatures found on both Planet Earth and Mobius. The majority of both versions live in hives, working together to ensure the survival of their species. Their prime objective is to collect nectar and pollen, spreading the latter from flower to flower in order to aid the growth and diversity of plants.

Almost all bees from the Special Zone lived within The Hive, a large palace floating in the "Weird Bit". The area is a fully-functioning society, with jobs divided between manufacturing gold and protecting their home from invading wasps. Many are known to be extremely skilled in their chosen fields, with some also seen to be proficient at sculpting and engineering. They are all led by the Queen Bee, her main purpose being to give birth to the hundreds of worker bees. Unfortunately, all but one bee was killed when the Special Zone was destroyed by Shadow the Hedgehog and the Chaos Emeralds. The only surviving bee is Charmy Bee, a member of the Chaotix Crew now living on Mobius.


The following appearances include all bees other than Charmy.