Art by Casanovas

Bat Brain (or Batbrain) is a flying, bat-like robot created by Doctor Robotnik. A first-generation Badnik, Bat Brains typically attacked by dive-bombing enemies or swatting them with their wings. They were derived directly from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game and first appeared in the Sonic the Comic story Enter: Sonic.

Bat Brains have remained part of Robotnik's army during and after his rule over Mobius. They were redesigned after Robotnik began operating out of Flickies' Island, given a smaller size and more spherical shape. Despite the decrease in size, they were stronger and more maneuverable than the previous models and considerably more vicious. They attacked by dive-bombing, biting, or firing pulse blasts from their mouthes.

Since the New Robotnik Empire's invasion, both models have appeared, depending on the story.


  • In Issue 39, a pair of Bat Brains attacked Robotnik (who they mistook for Sonic) by firing lasers from their eyes.