Balkiry (Issue 45)

Art by Roberto Corona.

Balkiries are second-generation Badniks modelled after a bird-of-prey, most likely an eagle or hawk. The aerial threats are essentially small jetplanes, capable of flying through the sky at great speeds. They are not usually armed and tend to attack by flying directly into their targets. Balkiries first appeared on the cover of Sonic the Comic Issue 15.

Although Balkiries are usually just seen as part of an aerial attack fleet, they have had a couple of notable appearances. Shortfuse the Cybernik once relentlessly tailed one in order to destroy it, following it as far as the Floating Island. Despite Shorty's many shots, it was quickly destroyed by Knuckles the Echidna. Another one kidnapped Amy Rose much later, prompting the other Freedom Fighters to realise how badly they needed Sonic the Hedgehog. This time, Shotrfuse did get his target. After the fall of Robotnik, later models were shown to be built with an electric attack, one of which accidentally revived Kog from under Citadel Robotnik.

When Robotnik returned much later with the New Robotnik Empire, Balkiry were restored as some of his most important aerial forces. They were prominently used to guard the newly-repaired Wing Fortress. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to attack as Sonic used them as stepping stones to the ship from Tails' Bi-plane, destroying them all.



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