Sonic is too swift for the SBS soldier. Art by Casanovas and John M Burns.

Badniks Bridge is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story which began in Issue 43 of Sonic the Comic.



The Freedom Fighters are busy keeping up the image of Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, which also gives Amy the chance to test out her new crossbow (shooting carefully around a terrified Porker). As Sonic suspects that Johnny is carrying a flame for Amy, Tails pipes up with news: the Kintobor Computer has recieved word that Dr Robotnik has built a new super-thruster for the Death Egg, which has to be taken over the Emerald Valley Bridge before making the journey to the Floating Island. Sonic loads up on explosives and sets out on foot, with the instruction that the others follow in the bi-plane. He soon arrives and begins setting up the explosives, but is quickly attacked by a Special Badnik Service Trooper. Sonic knocks the Trooper off the edge of the bridge, but it latches on and traps Sonic in a cage.

The other Freedom Fighters arrive in the bi-plane and spot Sonic and the Trooper. Before the thruster's convoy can drive over one of Sonic's mines, the Troopers driving it spot the bi-plane and hit the brakes. Unable to break out of his cage, Sonic thinks quickly and begins spinning it at high speeds, literally screwing it open and breaking the Trooper's arm on the way out. He lands safely on the passing bi-plane's wing, but the Troopers begin removing the mines from the bridge. He quickly grabs the plane's tool kit, returns to the bridge and removes the transporter's wheels before the Troopers can get a clear shot at him. Just barely making it back to the plane as reinforcements arrive, he orders Amy into action. Aiming at the mines the Troopers gathered today, she is able to blow up the thruster and every Trooper on the bridge, and the heroes victoriously return home, leaving Robotnik on the Floating Island to throw a tantrum and order construction on a new thruster.


  • The SBS Trooper goes from having gold plating in some areas to the standard red of all Troopers in the second part.
  • If Robotnik's globe is anything to go by, the geography of Mobius is very similar to Earth, as both the UK and Italy can be seen on the globe. Writers of StC Online have suggested that Robotnik spilled some pea soup on the globe, making it resemble Earth.
  • The story ties in directly with Carnival Night Conspiracy, as Grimer reports that the Marxio Brothers will soon have finished Knuckles off.
  • Casanovas' depiction of the Floating Island is oddly minimalist, only showing a few mountains, the Launch Base Zone and vast open plains.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Ice Cap Attack. The next story was Day of the Death Egg.

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