This unnamed Badnik only ever made a single appearance in Issue 3 of Sonic the Comic. It appeared in one panel in the story "Mayhem In The Marble Zone". The Badnik had a box-like appearance and ran on caterpillar tracks, it had a crane-like head and neck and a single eye. A conveyor belt in its belly would lead animals inside the body where they would be turned into Badniks, akin to a mobile Badnik Processing Plant. As far as could be seen, the Badnik had no visible weapons and required other Badniks to direct Mobians into the belly.

A group of Badniks attempted to use this robot to turn Tufftee Acorn into a Badnik, but they were all destroyed by Sonic The Hedgehog. Interestingly, this Badnik was not actually seen to be destroyed by Sonic, but since the Moto Bug was the only one that evaded capture at first, it is safe to say that this device is no more.

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