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Back to Reality is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 9 of Sonic the Comic. This story establishes the beginning of RBR and thus the Freedom Fighter years.



The Emerald Hill Zone is illuminated by a bright glare, as the Omni-Viewer materialises above, bringing back Sonic, Tails, Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot from the Special Zone. Omni reveals that while he is under Dr Robotnik's rule, he subverted the order to get rid of the gang, but has to leave before he can elaborate. Suddenly, they are attacked by vicious new Badnik Tanks and Sonic's spin attack doesn't affect them. Thinking quickly, Sonic pulls off a few quick moves and enrages the Badniks to the point that they end up blasting each other, freeing their organic batteries. The freed Emerald Hill folk are surprised to see Sonic, thinking he was dead. Johnny surmises that Omni has sent Sonic six months into the future, obeying Robotnik, but making sure Sonic would be able to set things right. Sonic leads the charge to the village, and is enraged at what he sees: Badniks oppressing the people even more, the citizens enslaved, and Robotnik's face plastered on every building. Down in the village itself, one of the residents is being accosted by the new Badniks for not reporting to the Chemical Plant Zone work detail. He is set to be executed, the standard punishment for doing pretty much anything against Robotnik's law, but Sonic charges into battle before the Badnik can fire. After being told that the new Trooper Badniks are just robots with no one inside, Sonic is able to cut loose and destroy the robots with ease. Sonic then addresses Robotnik via the nearest Egg-Cam: he plans to rid Mobius of Robotnik once and for all, despite the dictator now ruling the entire planet. The rebellion has begun....


  • Omni's design in this strip is closer to his more standard appearance, having lost his yellow tint, but he still possesses more detailed facial features than he would in later appearances.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Origin of Sonic. The next story was Megatox.