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Back in the Special Zone is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story that appeared in Issue 134 of Sonic the Comic. It is a direct prelude to Roots.



It's just another Sunday for Maude and Harold Mudd in New Tek City. Maude has made her husband a cup of tea but Harold angrily rejects it, insisting he always goes to the pub on a Sunday. Their argument is interrupted by the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog and a giant dinosaur smashing through the side of their house. Riding on top of Society Max, Blockhead Bill insists he's got Sonic cornered, but the hedgehog escapes Max's jaws and leads them both away from houses. Soon enough, the Chaotix Crew have arrived and Charmy Bee asks if the elderly couple have seen a dinosaur. Pointing in the right direction, Maude sends Chaotix after the beast. Still sat in his armchair amongst his ruined house, Harold accepts that cup of tea after all.

Sonic bemoans his bad luck, wishing he'd got the Chaotix Crew to come to Mobius rather than meet in the Special Zone. Chaotix soon catch up to Sonic and Vector the Crocodile prepares to send his team into battle. The scrap goes badly for the heroes, so Sonic runs to a bridge and causes Max to look up, cracking his head on the road at the same time. With his dinosaur out of action, Sonic grapples with Bill, still keen to take out his foe. The crazy animal reveals that Mighty the Armadillo is his son and wishes to finish off the "Crimson Cobra" together. Mighty eventually convinces him that he is Sonic, not the Crimson Cobra.

With the power of the Mandrake root wearing off, a more civilised Society Max greets Sonic. The hedgehog is keen to find out why he is here, but Vector still needs to check that his insurance policy can cover the damage done to the Mudd's house.


  • Sonic hasn't been in the Special Zone since his prolonged stay prior to The Final Victory.
  • The story features the first appearances of Blockhead Bill and Society Max, as well as the only strip for the Mudd couple.
  • The Crimson Cobra is mentioned, but he wouldn't materialise as a real character until Crimson Cobra Strikes.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Sun-Trap. The next is Roots.