The Golden Axe, drawn by Mike White

An axe is a heavy weapon used in the Medieval days of the United Kingdom, as well as other eras of history and in fiction. The user holds a long handle in the other and can swing the double-bladed weapon either way to chop and slash foes. In Sonic the Comic, axes were a large part of The Legend of the Golden Axe series. The titular Golden Axe is a large, magic axe that gives the bearer additional strength and has also been seen used as a way to bring Dark Guld to life (although it was not completed). Gilius-Thunderhead and several other dwarf warriors also carry axes.

An another axe was seen on the Hell House Ride in the Carnival Night Zone. A mechanical knight used it to try and kill Knuckles the Echidna but it narrowly missed him. Instead, the axe lodged itself in the bag of the carriage; fortunate, as the echidna used the axe to latch back on to the rollercoaster tracks when it suddenly ended.

Maniaxe of the Kid Chameleon series also wields one, throwing it at Brad when he escaped through the Telepad.


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