The Armourillas and Omen confront Ebony.

The name 'Armourilla' was not printed in Sonic the Comic and these characters were never officially named.

Armourillas are gorillas wearing high-tech combat suits. They appeared in issues 95 and 96 of Sonic the Comic in the Knuckles story Roots alongside the wizard Omen. Their job was to arrest Ebony and Pyjamas for starting a protest to save the fauna and to destroy the forest. The red-clad gorilla wore a cowboy hat and was equipped with a large circular saw on each arm, most likely for cutting down the Fauna. The gorilla in the green armour wore a helmet with a combat visor covering one eye and was armed with rockets on his left shoulder and a machine-gun on the right. It was the green gorilla that was responsible for killing the Great Elder Tree.

They were both eventually defeated by the other trees, ordering all the villains to leave Metropolis Park and never return.

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