The Ark Pod (with a discoloured Barfmobile attached). Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

The Ark Pod is a large vehicle attachment seen on Mobius. It was once used by B.A.R.F. to transport large numbers of Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone and back again. Resembling the old Barfmobile, the Ark Pod was actually several times larger than the actual Barfmobile and could take over flying duties from the manned ship.

Thanks to a plan concocted by Doctor Robotnik, Cam and Bert were ordered to place Badniks from the Miracle Planet in the Green Hill Zone. The Palmtree Panic troops were initially reluctant to get in the Ark Pod, but a smash from Bert's Number One Hammer was enough to convince them to obey. The Ark Pod then flew to Green Hill, where the new Badniks instantly claimed Green Hill for their own and destroyed many native Badniks. With help from B.A.R.F., the Green Hill Badniks were evacuated to the Ark Pod. After a quick flight to the Miracle Planet and back, the Ark Pod then flew to the Badnik Development and Research Facility to create The Seven Badniks. The Pod then flew the new soldiers to Green Hill, rounding the rebels up onto the ship and flying them back to the Palmtree Panic.

Over the course of its solo appearance, the Ark Pod made three return visits to the Miracle Planet and another to an unknown Zone.


  • The name may be related to Noah's Ark, a biblical vehicle that transported two of every species of animal to safety.


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