The Arachbot
was a spider-like Badnik, though its eight legs resembled tentacles more than spider legs. Arachbot was the leader of the badniks in the Labyrinth Zone, a vast network of underground tunnels that they have recently constructed under half of planet Mobius. Unlike its minions, it did not possess an organic battery, labelling itself a "Prime Badnik".

Arachbot kidnapped Tails in the Green Hill Zone and dragged him underground into the Labyrinth Zone. On Doctor Robotnik's orders, Arachbot intended to turn Tails into a badnik by re-inserting him into his old Robofox exo-skeleton, although Arachbot claimed that he would prefer to simply kill Tails. Unfortunately for Arachbot, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends had followed him, and Sonic covered the robot in oil and set it alight.

Years later, when Violet Witchbrew was messing around with her grandmother's magic, Arachbot was one of the robots she briefly resurrected.

Some time after that, a new Arachbot was built by Robotnik during The Battle For Mobius. The Badnik invaded the Turquoise Hill Zone but, while it successfully beat up Tufftee, it was taken down by Joe Sushi, Tux, and Flicky.


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