Art by Richard Elson.

Aquis are seahorse Badniks that have a habit of relentlessly pursuing their selected targets. They fly at high speeds and bombard enemies with fireballs. They are normally deployed in the Oil Ocean Zone.

Picking on Sonic

One Aquis Badnik was left in the Oil Ocean Zone during a cleanup operation by the zone's workforce. After it found Sonic the Hedgehog, it attacked incessantly and chased Sonic into a large oil pool. The Aquis ignited the oil with its fireballs and Sonic was seemingly roasted alive. As it turned out, the Aquis made a fatal mistake and drove Sonic into turning into Super Sonic. The Aquis attempted to flee but was easily destroyed by the super-powered hedgehog.

Arachbot's Henchbots

Aquis (Issue 5)
In Issue 5, the Arachbot had two Aquis Badniks accompanying it. They looked much different from standard Aquis: their chassis were red, their mouthes more needle-like and they had gas guns installed in their tails. Only two of these Aquis were ever seen and they were destroyed by Sonic.

Sonic the Comic Online

In War of the Rose, Amy Rose revealed that Aquis Badniks were one of Sonic's biggest fears, alongside spiders and being shocked, although it isn't clear whether she was just saying that to rile him up in memory of his first encounter with one.


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