Andy Pritchett is an artist who worked on Sonic the Comic for a short period. Although Pritchett originally coloured other people's work, he was eventually given his own stories to draw. Work outside STC has been fairly limited, with Pritchett working on Tank Girl and for Titan Books and may be the owner of Ugly Studios, an art company that works closely with museums.


Issues Story Series
Issue 86 to Issue 88 Future Shock (colours) Sonic's World
Issue 88 The Ultimate Nightmare (colours) Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 89 A New Hope (colours) Sonic's World
Issue 90 to Issue 91 Secret Weapon (colours) Sonic's World
Issue 93 Season of Goodwill (B&W art) Sonic's World
Issue 94 to Issue 95 The Monster Wakes (colours) Sonic's World
Issue 96 Hero Hour Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 98 Solidarity Sonic's World
Issue 99 No Exit Sonic's World
Issue 101 to Issue 102 Invasion of the Veg Heads Sonic's World
Issue 105 Deception Sonic's World
Issue 106 to Issue 107 Zero Zone (B&W art) Double Sonic
Issue 109 Kog the Mighty Tails
Issue 111 Hero of the Beach (B&W art) Tails
Issue 112 Raining Bananas Double Sonic
Issue 116 Spooked (B&W art) Amy & Tekno
Issue 119 Going Crackers Tails
Issue 119 Peace of the Action (colours) Amy & Tekno
Issue 120 to Issue 121 Breakout (B&W art) Amy & Tekno
Issue 125 Fashion Victims Tails
Issue 149 Forbidden Island Tails
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