Art by Nigel Kitching.

The Amy Badnik is a Badnik created in the style of hero Amy Rose, specifically designed to use her as an organic battery. There have been two specific designs, the first created by Doctor Robotnik (or Grimer) and a second by Commander Brutus.


During Amy's first appearance, Sonic the Hedgehog and Johnny Lightfoot witnessed the young girl getting arrested by Robotnik's Troopers but were unable to prevent them taking her to the Special Zone's Egg Fortress. When the heroes eventually did make to the hideout, they learned (when captured) that all three of them would be placed in new "Super Badniks". Amy was the first to be converted, the irreversable process almost claiming her life. Before the Badnik programming could completely take over her mind, Sonic (reluctantly) launched a Spin Attack to free her. Completely trashed, the idea of Super Badniks was never brought up again, being replaced by the Cybernik model.

Much later, Commander Brutus used a Brain Scanner to read the mind of Grimer in order to learn how to create Badniks (despite his Robotnik brain patterns already having a certain degree of engineering knowledge). After establishing his first wave and using to infiltrate Citadel Robotnik, Brutus captured Amy and Johnny Lightfoot. On board his ship, Brutus successfully turned the pair (and possibly Cedric the Elephant) into Badniks and were ordered to attack Sonic. The hedgehog found it particularly hard to attack the Badnik with Amy inside. At one point, it appeared that Amy had fought her brainwashing by catching a falling Sonic, but she proceeded to throw him harshly through a billboard. Her next move was to target Sonic, Shortfuse the Cybernik and a recently rescued Johnny with her built-in arrow launchers. Sonic's response was to gather the bolts in his running slipstream, before launching the weapons back at the Badnik. The combined force of all the arrows was enough to free Amy from her prison.


Amy's first Badnik shell.

The second version returned during Robotnik's invasion attempt of Mobius. Along with the Johnny Badnik and Cedric Badnik, Sonic quickly dispatched of this old model while on his way to the new Citadel Robotnik.


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