Amy's Secret Past is a complete Amy Rose story which first appeared in Issue 127 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Nigel Dobbyn
Lettering: Ellie de Ville


Amy's Secret Past takes place during the RBR. Robotnik's scientists in the Chemical Plant Zone are working on a machine that should replicate the accident which gave Sonic his abilities, at which point Robotnik will absorb the energy into himself. Not far away, a brown-quilled Amy is trying to stir the villagers into rebellion, but doesn't succeed. Back in Robotnik's lab, he is informed of Amy's rebellion, but doesn't take her seriously. That night, Amy moves in to sabotage Robotnik's plans on her own. Before the machine can give Robotnik Sonic's abilities, Amy breaks in and damages it with her crossbow. With the machine's core about to explode, Robotnik decides to fling Amy into it, at least getting rid of her. As the blast subsides, Amy emerges, relatively unscathed, but with her quills fused together and pink. As she takes out the Troopers present, Robotnik believes she has gained improved fighting abilities from the machine, but Amy states that she always had the ability, and the machine just changed her looks. The next day, Amy is happy to learn that the villagers have come around to her way of thinking and will resist Robotnik's rule.


  • There are a number of continuity issues presented by this story. Amy is depicted with a tomboyish vigilante personality and fashion sense which she didn't get until much later in the comic, while Robotnik is drawn in his evolved appearance, which he didn't get until AFTER Amy had been introduced with her standard pink hairstyle (a story that originally saw print long before either Stringer or Dobbyn were involved with Sonic the Comic).
  • Amy's first shirt in this strip resembles the uniform of the Fantastic Four.


The previous Amy Rose story was Green Envy. The next story was Yesterday's Heroes.

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