Art by Richard Elson

The Alpha Device is a machine created by Grimer when he was kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Metallix. Although it was only the size of a staff, the Alpha Device's power had a massive effect. It was used to mechanize the Miracle Planet, covering the tiny world with machinery and reshaping it in the Metallixes' image.

When the Brotherhood attempted to conquer the Miracle Planet, the Freedom Fighters followed them. They disabled a Metallix drone and jury-rigged it into a walking bomb. They sent it back to the Emperor and it detonated, destroying the surrounding Metallix and severely damaging the Emperor. The Alpha Device remained intact, however, and so Porker Lewis turned back to try and shut it down. It was then that the Miracle Planet vanished back to its own dimension, leaving Porker stranded with no hope of rescue until the following month. Unfortunately, Porker failed to shut down the Alpha Device as the Emperor survived the explosion and took the pig prisoner. The Alpha Device continued its work, mecha-forming the entire Miracle Planet and spawning a new Metallix army. The device itself also grew, becoming a gleaming tower of machinery. After the Brotherhood was destroyed, the Miracle Planet was deserted.

When it next appeared, the Freedom Fighters used the Kintobor Computer to download a sub-routine into the Alpha Device that would reverse its effect, returning the Miracle Planet to normal.


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