Nakano's adamantium-fused mecha. Art by Jon Haward.

Adamantium is an indestructible metal alloy that exists in the universe of Eternal Champions. In 1994, Tokyo was supposedly advanced enough for Nakano Industries to create it and utilise it in its weapons. Something covered in this shell was first seen protecting a mecha piloted by Nakano whilst taking on the nine Champions. Six of them had ventured to The Cyberdome in 2345AD to collect a Bio-Keyed gun capable of helping them rescue their friends, but the firearm was unable to pierce adamantium 5cm thick. However, the metal was much less rigid on the inside, with Trident destroying the machine from the cockpit.

Adamantium is much more well-known in the Marvel universe, with Wolverine's claws and skeleton being coated with the alloy. In the main Sonic the Comic timeline, Megatal is a comparable metal created by Doctor Robotnik and Grimer, utilised on the Cybernik program and certain Special Badnik Service troops, among others. Enchanted metal is another substitute in The Legend of the Golden Axe, although it is not indestructable.


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