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Part 2: A Tale of Tails is a complete story and is the third part of a Sonic's World origins arc. It first appeared in Issue 27 of Sonic the Comic and was reprinted in Issue 199.



The Kintobor Computer is keen to continue telling his story of Mobius to Boomers and begins with Sonic the Hedgehog not knowing what to do with the Chaos Emeralds. In Kintobor's Laboratory, Porker Lewis reveals to Sonic that the Emeralds have started giving off radiation when suddenly they vanish in an explosion. Sonic caught the full blast and has turned into Super Sonic for the first time. Instead of killing his friends, Super blasts out of the ground and flies across Mobius, whilst the Emeralds warp back to the Special Zone. Sonic eventually tires out and returns to normal in the Swampland Zone.

Before he can figure out what happened, a cry for help alerts Sonic to a swamp where two foxes are drowning. Sonic pulls out one fox but the other one has gone. Fortunately, the victim has two tails and can fly, so his friends call him "Tails". Suddenly, Doctor Robotnik returns and the two new friends embark on a journey across Mobius to shut down his new Death Egg and battle armour. Sonic also finds time to collect the Emeralds once more and, this time, keeps them in the Frozen Zone's North Cave.


  • The "Death Egg" is actually the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone.


The previous Sonic's World was Kintobor spelled backwards is.... The next is No More Mr. Nice Bug.