Art by Mick McMahon

2997 is a year in Mobius' future.

When Sonic the Hedgehog engaged in battle with one of the Flickies' Island Badniks, the Badnik created an illusion in Sonic's head that made him believe he had travelled through time to 2997. As introduced by residents Gaz and Del, he seemed to have arrived in a Zone filled with purple people all wearing uniforms that featured a 'thumbs down' hand on the chest. A thousand years before this, Sonic was said to have finally been defeated (although it was not revealed by whom) and Badniks now patrolled the street. The key difference with 2997 and Sonic's time was that the residents had grown used to slavery and looked forward to their regular beatings. Sonic destroyed the Badniks and attempted to persuade them that their views were wrong, but he was heckled out of town, the residents believing Doctor Robotnik's vision to be natural.

Fortunately, Sonic quickly realised it was all an illusion and destroyed the Badnik back in 1997.


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