Art by Mauro Fonseca

The 2013 Hallowe'en Special is the 51st overall edition of Sonic the Comic Online and the second Hallowe'en special. Released on the 31st October 2013, at, the issue contains one new, original story and several features.



Amy Rose

The Curse of Silent Spire is a complete story written by Seumidh MacDonald, with art by Yunelyon and Neil C. Tamstone, lettering provided by Charles Ellis. Amy is overseeing events in the Silent Spire Zone when she witnesses Skye Sparrow being abducted by a gargoyle. With the help of an old crone, Amy investigates the clock tower where she finds events of Doctor Robotnik's Badnik technology.


This issue's Control Zone is presented by a Megadroid missing one of his arms and in a battered state - he hasn't been able to contact his home planet engineers to fix it. The accompanying Breaking News ticker welcomes stories about the Skeleton Crew, this issue's Silent Spire Zone and an odd headline about a ghost impersonating an old man to commit crimes - with no further details.

The majority of pin-ups in the Wallpapers section are stylised to represent old horror movies. Aside from the cover, of Amy and Chrysalis being haunted by the images of the Decap Attack cast by Mauro Fonseca, posters include one by Matthew Bramble ("The Curse of the Werehog"), two by Claire Ryan (one of Tails in Mega Mack - "It Came From the Chemical Plant Zone" and "Hocus Purrcus" featuring Ebony, Blaze the Cat and Big the Cat), a graphic depiction of the Sunset story by Chris G ("Nightmare on Atum") and an image of Amy dressed as "Eggman" ("Trick or Treat?") by Modochi.

The Competition Zone is a reminder to send in entries to receive a printed copy of Issue 261.



The previous special was the Christmas Special 2012. The next is the Space Channel 5 Special. This is also the next overall issue. The previous one was Issue 262.

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