Art by Nigel Dobbyn

1999 is one of the Spirits of the Years Past. Since he had not yet entered the Time Stream, the ghost took the appearance of a small baby wearing a banner labelled with his year.


With the year 1999 fast approaching, it was time for the spirit of 1999 to enter the Time Stream. However, before he could do so, the baby was "coshed" on the head with a black pudding by the spirit of 1930, the old man wanting to change time to the way he remembered it. 1999 was less than happy, but was powerless to stop him as touching the Time Waster would erase their year from history.

Later, Amy Rose was able to convince 1930 not to enter the Time Stream, destroying the Time Waster in the process. 1999 arrived with Tekno the Canary and was given full access to the Time Stream. The baby's disappearance led to a big party between the remaining spirits.


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