Art by Nigel Dobbyn

1998 is one of the Spirits of the Years Past. As all the ghosts represent a certain year, this one appears to be a young girl, as 1998 was the current year.


Following her return from the Time Stream, 1998 was expecting to pass the torch to 1999, the next spirit in the sequence. However, the "baby" had been hit over the head by 1930's black pudding with the pensioner aiming to enter the stream himself. The Time Waster soon struck the realm and 1998 was forced to run for cover along with the other spirits. Upon learning of 1930's plans, 1998 expressed dismay that his actions would cause history to fold in on itself and it would be the end of time. Fortunately, Amy Rose convinced 1930 not to go and 1998 enjoyed a New Year's Eve party with 1977 and other ghosts.


  • 1998 appears to be wearing a shirt sporting the word "Titanic", possibly representing the film from the previous year.


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