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Volcanoes are opening in the surface of a planet, leading directly to magma chambers below. They are formed over hundreds and thousands of years. An eruption of a volcano is considered to be a natural disaster; volcanoes release molten lava, hot ash and clouds of sulphur into the atmosphere.

Volcanoes in Sonic the Comic

Due to their dramatic appearance, particularly deep within them, volcanoes were used on occasion in Sonic the Comic.

Hill Top Zone

One particular of Mobius teeming with volcanoes is the Hill Top Zone. The Zone consists of two distinct regions, one that is craggy and filled with volcanic mountains and a lush area that was likely fertilised by the ash released from such volcanoes. Eruptions in this area are frequent, often caused by the unpredictable earthquakes and tremors.

In the early days of the Zone, a tribe of birds led by Chief Kordon believed that a notably large volcano, named the Mountain of Destiny, was directly linked to the gods that they believed in. Kordon understood that, should the volcano become active, it was a sign that the deities were angry with his people. Sonic the Hedgehog was called in to save the homes built on the side of the volcano and, with the help of Tails, discovered that Doctor Ivo Robotnik was forcing the volcano to erupt with the aid of his Seismatron trap. Sonic was unable to stop the explosion but, having turned into Super Sonic, used his speed to cool the erupting lava and turned it into a statue of Sonic.

Volcanoes continued to be a source of danger. In Sonic the Comic Online, it was the temporary home of Neo Metallix, a shape-shifting robot created by Grimer to assume the identity of Sonic. The hero was lured to the Hill Top Zone where Metallix, hiding inside a volcano, escaped through a tiny crevice and kidnapped him. Knocked out, Sonic was kept inside a volcano for days with no obvious signs of escape. Eventually, Sonic forced the volcano to erupt by using his Spin Attack to disturb it, and fled up the central spout. The lava flow destroyed Metallix.

Elsewhere on Mobius

The interior of the Lava Reef Zone on the Floating Island is one large volcano. The biggest entrace is, again, through the crater but, when Robotnik parked his Death Egg over the whole of the top, the only exits were into the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis and the Hidden Palace. Although the volcano wasn't active, it still contained large amounts of lava, which Knuckles the Echidna used to destroy a squadron of EggRobos.

When Robotnik slipped into insanity, he decided that he would rather destroy the world rather than rule it. A deal with The Plax allowed him to suck the lifeforce out of the planet, causing it to go into complete environmental collapse. Erupting volcanoes were a sign that the Emerald Hill Zone had become uninhabitable.

Super Sonic once believed he had created a live volcano in The Neighbourhood area of Metropolis Zone by delving down to Mobius' core and shooting back up again. In fact, it was all an illusion in his mind created by Ebony and the Globe of Enrokk.


Volcanoes have also featured in The Legend of the Golden Axe. Firedrake Fell became the lair of Dark Guld following his resurrection and was stormed by Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead when Ax-Battler was captured. Summoning magic caused the volcano to erupt shortly after the heroes escaped.


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