Art by Casanovas and John M Burns

Centaurs are creatures that traditionally consist of the body and legs of a horse, with the torso and head of a human. Chester of the Hassan region was one such warrior, his human half coated with armour. The advantages of both species were apparent, with the horse's speed combining with his upper arm strength. It was suggested by Zynk that other centaurs existed in the area, making up a proud warrior race.

Centaurs also exist on Mobius, albeit in the hidden dimension of the Nameless Zone. These centaurs are actually part horse and part fox, combining together with a pale blue fur. The centaurs inhabit the town of Portstable and live a quiet life, with hunting being one particular activity shared amongst some of the townspeople. Ginny and Neddy are two centaurs that aided Tails with his quest to save cubs Jimmy and Jilly by granting him a flying boat.


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